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All dogs are individually housed in kennels consisting of a sleepout area, with beds. Each sleepout area has a large run which is also undercover to protect themfrom the elements. Families with two or more dogs may share, the kennels are very spacious. All kennels are designed to help with noise control and are front-facing, they have solid walls which stop the dogs from seeing each other preventing nervous and/or aggressive behaviors between dogs that do not like to mix. If your dog does like to mix with other dogs do not fear as they have plenty of time to mix supervised in one of our many paddocks.

Each kennel block has its own exercise paddock where pets are exercised individually or in suitable groups, depending on size and the temperament of your dog. Our outdoor area is sensory heaven, there is plenty to explore and experience including an adventure area with different play stations set up within a woodland setting or maybe your dog would prefer to have a splash in our stream running through the middle. 

The outdoor dog runs can be used for some time out whilst still enjoying the thrills of being outside. 

We encourage you to bring an item of your pets own bedding so they have the familiar smell of home with them. But don't worry if you forget or would prefer they use ours whilst at the kennels we have plenty for their comfort and needs.

Our kennels are very sizable with plenty of room to move and play with a more private area inside for them to sleep. If your pet likes to sleep in a crate as their 'safe space' please let us know and we will set one up or bring your own if you prefer.​

Two of our kennel blocks are segregated from the main block which can be used for large families of dogs, nervous dogs, dogs with medical conditions that need to be monitored, or for the older clients that may prefer some quiet time. If any of these requirements are required please let us know.

We have now opened up an indoor building set up like a real home with sofas and television for small dogs, elderly dogs, and the more sensitive. 

We encourage you to bring your dog's own diet along with instructions on how much and how often.  Black Hawk is also available for (+$3)/day or we sell 20kg bags on site. 

 We must be made aware of any allergies, sensitive stomachs or illnesses.  If your dog is on any medication please bring this with you along with instructions..

To keep your dogs safe the whole kennel area is surrounded by 1.8m chain link fencing, we have multiple gate system, 24hr surveillance, and the whole area is located within viewing distance of the house. 

Please follow the Facebook and Instagram pages to see what they've been up to whilst your away.


Our Cattery offers a beautiful large Communal room where guests can hang out or snuggle up, each have their own sleeping and eating area within.  We also have four separate Individual living areas. 

All rooms are equipped with Campervan style sleeping areas including a soft bed. 

With plenty of toys, climbing opportunities, and treat reward-based puzzles to keep them entertained. 

We feed Whiskas which is included in the stay, treats are given throughout the day to relay that this is a happy environment.  Royal Canin is also available for (+$3)/day. 

We must be made aware of any allergies, sensitive stomachs or illnesses. If your cat is on a special diet please bring this along with you and instruct us on how much and how often. If your cat is on any medication please bring this with you along with instructions, We are happy to administer this free of charge.

For the safety and security of your Cats, we have a triple door system in place. 24hr Surveillance and the Cattery is located next to the house. 

Our new outdoor-themed Catio is open for more exploring and relaxation in the sunshine. 


Dogs $37

$33 for each additional dog sharing a space (must be from the same family)

Cats Private $18 Cats Communal $16

$11 for each additional cat sharing a space (must be from the same family)

All rates are charged per day however if your pet is checked out by 10:30am on collection day there will be no charge for that day.

All afternoon pickups will be charged at the daycare rate for that day. Dogs $30 Cats Private $12 Cats Communal $10

Please note that the office hours may vary or be closed during public holidays.

Premium branded food will be charged at (+$3/day if requested) * Peak Season surcharges are applicable including Public Holiday Weekends  (Friday - Monday) and (19/12 – 16/1) Additional 15%

*Wash and Blowdry (dogs only +$35 if requested)

*Entire dogs +$3/day

Doggy Daycare

$30 Casual

$25 Three+ Days per Week

Taxi Services


Wellsford Return +$15


Managwhai Return + $20 (Heads +$22.50) Kaiwaka Return $9


$190 1-1 Consultation Approximately 1.5 hours


$120 1-1 Consultation Approximately 1 hour

Vaccinations for check-in


Nobivac DHPPI - Every 3 Years  (Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza)

Nobivac Leptospirosis - Every 1 Year (Leptospirosis)

 Nobivac intranasal KC - Every 1 Year (Canine cough)


Nobivac Tricat  - Every 3 Years (Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleucopaenia Virus).

If your dog(s) or cat(s) boosters have lapsed or it is their first set of vaccinations please allow at least 2 weeks before booking into the Kennels and Cattery.

Please fill out a form before your stay, the vaccinations listed must be up to date.

Dog Boarding Agreement

Download Form

Cat Boarding Agreement

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