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Our Cattery offers a beautiful sizeable Communal room where guests can hang out, for the more sociable feline, each has their own sleeping and eating area within.  We also have four separate Individual living areas for those that prefer not to share. 

All rooms are equipped with Campervan-style sleeping areas including a soft bed. 

With plenty of toys, climbing opportunities, and treat reward-based puzzles to keep them entertained. 

We encourage you to bring your own cats diet. However  Royal Canin is also available for (+$3)/day. 

We must be made aware of any allergies, sensitive stomachs or illnesses. If your cat is on a special diet please bring this along with you and instruct us on how much and how often. If your cat is on any medication please bring this with you along with instructions, We are happy to administer this free of charge.

For the safety and security of your Cats, we have a triple door system in place. 24hr Surveillance and the Cattery is located next to the house. 

Our new outdoor-themed Catio is open for more exploring and relaxation in the sunshine. 

Please note this is a Kennels and Cattery,  although separate some dog noise can still be heard from the Cattery.