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At Wandering Willows we understand the difficulty of leaving your pets.  

Our Kennels and Cattery has become a haven for all of our visitors, with excitable anticipation when owners tell them where they are going. 

We ensure they all receive the attention that they deserve. Whether they need extra play in the play area or walks in the paddocks. They may even want us to sit with them until they are settled or prefer to be kept in a more quiet location; our discretion and skills are used.

Please do not hesitate to tell us what they enjoy most!

It is important to us that each and every one of our customers feel at ease when leaving their precious companions here so that you can enjoy your holidays to the max and return to a happy pet that is yearning for their next visit!

Candy Best

Wandering Willows Owner

Having left England in mid-2018 to start my New Zealand adventure I was keen to start up my Kennel and Cattery business straight away.

With a Bachelors Degree in Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare, I offer personable and professional service. 

I have a keen interest in the welfare of animals both physically and mentally, with the things I have been taught I intend to put this into good use through my Kennels and Cattery and strive for a superior service.

During my time in England, I have worked with charities such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, and PDSA. I have of course worked for Kennels and Cattery for a number of years!!

I am most passionate about dog psychology and teaching owners to understand how their pet perceives the world, in order to grow stronger bonds. 


Wandering Willows Kennels and Cattery Ltd.

1415 State Highway 1


Wellsford RD5 0975






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